Live act on 1 September 2022
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Surface design DSxFB, 2022

  • Commissioned by de Sede Switzerland
  • Live act as part of Zurich Design Weeks 2022
  • Spray print on natural nappa leather
  • unique piece

Swiss furniture manufacturer de Sede celebrated the 50th anniversary of its iconic DS-600 sofa with an event during the first Zurich Design Weeks. I was invited to work on five elements of the endless sofa, executed in high-quality nappa leather, in a live act. The crevices and folds of the repeating sofa elements provided an interesting three-dimensional basis for the colour application with spray gun and stencils. The real challenge, however, was to carry out the delicate, intimate and irrevocable act of design in public. The two-hour performance took place in a shop window of the Jelmoli department store.

Performance assisted by Mia Born
Photography by Marion Nitsch
Video by Sven Brauchli