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Bandana créatrices, 2018

  • Commissioned by créatrices.ch
  • Collaboration with Clara Sollberger
  • Print design
  • Silkscreen on cotton
  • 58 × 55 cm, 388 copies, 3 colourways
  • Printed by TDS Textildruckerei Arbon/CH, hemmed by TAWA, Gonten/CH

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The association créatrices.ch - Frauen gestalten die Schweiz has set itself the goal of making the work of women visible. Their own distinctive sign is a cotton cloth that shows the association's logo, a C, in various graphic implementations and overlays.
With a simple trick, we were able to create both a multi-colour and different design variations with just one screen: Four different motifs were printed in one time and then the screen was turned 180 degrees for the second colour. Considering the three colourways, this resulted in twelve different cloths. We picked some colour tones from the graphic identity of the association and complemented them with a green-violet combination based on the colour codes of the suffragettes.

Photography by Clara Sollberger