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Costumes Hallo, 2014

  • A performance piece by and with Martin Zimmermann, Zürich
  • Tailoring by Bea Zimmermann, Helvezija / Franziska Born

The set of Martin Zimmermann's solo performance Hallo consists of a frame structure that can turn into a shop-window-type space. This space showcases the tragic-comic main character, driven by the desire to become what he appears to be.
The main costume depicts a haggard and lost, cantankerous and quirky character that appears as a restless worker, a flying dreamer, an artificial puppet, a beast, his own mirror image and a fusion of all these different elements. By means of precisely defined silhouettes and by the use of only a few specific costume elements and props, the audience are lead through this wide spectrum of different facets of the same character.
Costume elements, props and stage elements contribute to an aesthetic that exists between realism and artificiality, where the materiality of things is not necessarily what it seems to be.

Photography by Augustin Rebetez
Trailer by Zimmermann & de Perrot