Insider Nº1
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Blind Insider, 2006

  • Digital print on polyester
  • 120 × 150 cm
  • 2 motifs
  • Printed by Plotfactory, Weisslingen/CH
  • Shade system by IKEA

The Insider blinds are based on ideas of trompe l’oeuil and the notion of public and private. A typical swiss curtain motif – photographed from the outside, with the reflection of the surroundings on the glass panel – is applied on a mundane product like the shade system by IKEA. It is also a tongue-in-cheek juxtaposition between mass product and high value design.
Insider is part of the project The Bare Necessities, which explores and questions the classics of so-called hometextiles and was conceived of for a solo exhibition at Tuchinform Winterthur.

see also Rug Karpett

Photography by Melanie Hofmann