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Costumes Hans was Heiri, 2012

  • A performance piece by Zimmermann & de Perrot, Zürich
  • Tailoring by Beatrice Zimmermann, Helvezija / Manufaktur GmbH

In the performance Hans was Heiri, Martin Zimmermann and Dimitri de Perrot act as magicians and masters of ceremony. They both wear costumes with elements of the classic tailcoat in black and white that mirror the abstract aesthetics seen on the stage. As their counterpart five circus artists and dancers become part of the scenery in, on and around a moving box. The costumes emphasize facets of archetypical characters: the intellectual, stoic and arrogant dandy; the childish and agile little dervish; the graceful but fragile bourgeois lady; the old broken-backed but yet versatile hipster-preacher; and the boyish clown – naïve, playful and rough at the same time.
Throughout the piece differences and analogies between the characters are worked out. These are supported on a visual level. Pieces of the costumes are doubled, cloned, swapped, taken off and put back on again in a slightly different way. The scenes are defined by strong colours and patterns in various combinations.

Photography by Mario del Curto
Trailer by Zimmermann & de Perrot