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Costumes Chouf Ou Chouf, 2009

  • A performance piece by Zimmermann & de Perrot, Zürich
  • Interpreted by Le Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger, Morocco
  • Collaboration with Daniela Zimmermann
  • Tailoring by Mahmoud Ben Slimane

Chouf Ou Chouf is a performance piece created by Martin Zimmermann and Dimitri de Perrot for a group of twelve Moroccan acrobats. In their distinctive way of mixing performance genres, the directors integrated elements of Moroccan acrobatic tradition along with impressions of the group’s hometown Tangier, where the entire creation took place.
The costumes are simple, natural and self-evident. Streetwear is mixed with traditional Moroccan clothing; structures, ornaments and materials found on the streets are reinterpreted in the fabrics; background and foreground stage elements and performers melt together or contrast each other. A precise composition of colours and patterns allows one to visualize the changing relationships within the group.
All the costumes are assembled, manufactured and hand painted in Tangier.

Photography individual looks by Véronique Hoegger
Photography stage impressions by Mario del Curto
Trailer by Zimmermann & de Perrot