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Colour intervention Zimmerberg, 2020

  • Commissioned by Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich/CH
  • Collaboration with Hannes Gloor (signaletics)
  • Paint on different surfaces
  • 12 colours, 12 black and white patterns
  • Painting executed by Max Schweizer AG, Zürich

A former office building from the 1980s serves the newly founded Grammar school as a provisional solution until the planned new building can be occupied.
The signage and colour concept refers to the postmodern architectural language and quotes the legendary Memphis style of that time. The four pastel colours of the school's own corporate identity are joined by bright and gaudy colours and geometric patterns in black and white. Colours and patterns are used on the characteristic columns, on selected wall surfaces and on the lockers placed in the corridors. They set selective, playful accents in the otherwise rather sober interior.

Photography by Beat Soller