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Cloth Zanoshiki, 2022

  • Concept, design and manufacturing
  • Stencil and spray print on Habotai silk
  • 65 × 65 cm, 150 unique pieces
  • Production assistance by Larissa Binggeli
  • Finishing by puntoseta, Como/I

CHF 150


The Zanoshiki is a tribute to the fabric designs the Zanolli family created in their craft studio in Zurich between 1926 and 1939, using spray gun and cardboard stencils. Their design and production practice was reenacted on the occasion of the exhibition Atelier Zanolli – Stoffe, Mode, Kunsthandwerk at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.
Technique, motifs and variations were taken up and spun further. Cut-plotted stencils were combined with found materials, residual inks from digital printers were used as dyes. Placing and combining the stencils and applying the colour with the spray gun was done by hand, so that the many variations could still happen during the production process. Finally more than sixty running metres of silk were sprayed with a continuous but constantly varying pattern. Through the subsequent cutting, each cloth has become unique and can be used as gift wrapping, as a carrying bag, as an accessory, or given away as a present – just like its Japanese rolemodel Furoshiki.

Kindly supported by ZSIG
Photography by Mina Monsef