Stage impressions
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Costumes Jakobs Ross, 2015

  • A theatre piece based on a novel by Silvia Tschui, Theater Neumarkt, Zürich
  • Directed by Peter Kastenmüller
  • Set design by Jo Schramm
  • Tailoring by Theater Neumarkt

Jakobs Ross is the story of Elsie, a young swiss maid who struggles with a hard life on a rundown farmyard with a husband she has been forced to marry against her will. Despite this she uses all her resources to defend her last bit of independence.
This wild fairy tale, dated in the late 19th century, is told and played by two musicians and three actors who subtly shift from being storytellers to being various different characters.
The costume design follows the principle of mix-and-match: particular elements of clothing and aspects of several characters are assembled in one outfit. Small changes in costume denote the switching of roles and the development of the storyline.
The overall style represents the flavour of the time – rough, rural and handcrafted – and at the same time it is very contemporary.

Photography stage impressions by Jo Schramm